• Western Union® Quick

Western Union® PaySM – Worldwide payment receiving
Western Union® Quick PaySM service allows you to send payments internationally to pay your bills.
Western Union® Quick PaySM Western Union® Quick PaySM allows the customers worldwide to do electronically ebllow payments to your company:

  1. To pay your bills
  2. To liquidate fast their commitments
  3. To pay fast the loan
  4. To pay the subscriptions

Note:Your company should have commercial contractual agreements with Western Union.

This service transfers your payment electronically in minutes and eliminates the time delays and fees associated with other payment methods. Funds are automatically converted into local currency – where applicable- so at the time you initiate the transaction, you know the payout amount in foreign currency.

How It Works:

  1. Bring the cash payment in local currency to your nearest Western Union Agent location, fill out a blue Quick Pay form, pay a fixed fee and obtain a receipt.
  2. Minutes later, your billing company receives confirmation of your payment. Western Union deposits funds directly to the company’s bank account or the company receives payment via a check printed at its own location.

For more information on Western Union® Quick PaySM, visit www.payment-solutions.com


If your business needs to move money fast, use the Western Union® Quick Cash® service. This money transfer service lets you send single or multiple money transfers worldwide right from your office PC. Funds can be sent virtually anywhere through our more than 305,000 Western Union agent locations globally. Within minutes of a transaction, the recipient can pick up the cash payment in their local currency at the desired Agent location.

For more information on Western Union® Quick Cash®, visit:


Now, you can pay the electricity bills immediately with 0 (zero) commission in every Unionnet-Western Union agency.

Pay and get informed with our fast and safe service all over Albania.

With your OSHEE booklet, or electricity bill you can:

  1. Pay the electricity bill ONLINE.
  2. Remove the debt to OSHEE instantly.
  3. Get informed on your backward debt and late fees.
  4. Get served with no time limits, 7 days a week.

Everything with 0 (zero) commission!

Attention! You will get the confirmation coupon upon completing the payment, and you can also stamp the OSHEE booklet. Keep the coupon as proof of your debt payment!

You can instantly pay UKT,UKD,UKKA,UKF,UKL, UKKO,UKM,UKEL,UKKR,UKBKmonthly consumption bills and also the backward debts in every Unionnet-Western Union location, where you can:

  1. Get informed on the debt amount
  2. Pay directly on the UKT,UKD,UKKA, UKF,UKL, UKKO, UKM,UKEL,UKKR,UKBK systems (online)
  3. Remove the debt to UKT,UKD,UKKA, UKF,UKL, UKKO, UKM,UKEL,UKKR,UKBK instantly
  4. Get record of your bills payment

You can complete the following services in all Unionnet-Western Union agencies:

  1. Check the Traffic Offenses Fines in the ONLINE system
  2. Pay the fine bill
  3. Verify the fine removing at the moment of payment, ONLINE

You can complete the following payments in the wide net of Unionnet-Western Union agencies.


Local Taxes and Fees of the Municipality of Tirana can be paid in every Unionnet – Western Union agency. Pay off your liabilities in just a few moments.


FUT starts cooperation with ALBtelecom to conduct bill payments throughout Uninonnet-Western Union network. Albtelecom phone, internet, and IPTV bills can be paid in all our locations. Also, all Eagle Mobile postpaid subscribers can pay their mobile phone bills.


Digicom service invoices can be paid at Unionnet – Western Union network all over Albania.

  • Iutecredit

Loan installments may be paid at our locations where you can also withdraw your Iutecredit approved loan.

  • Union Bank

Cooperation with Union Bank starts. Loan installments may be paid at any Unionnet – Western Union location. The payment is fast and reflected directly into the bank account.